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Check out these organizations, artists, and presenters who offer school assembly programs.  Please let them know that you heard about them from the Assembly Showcase Performer Directory. 

Online Directory of Pacific Northwest
Family Entertainers and Performers

A Visit with Harriet Tubman/Brown Tones Productions

Alex Zerbe/Physical Comedian & Juggler

Amazing Assemblies/Greg Bennick

Bringing Literature to Life/Chris Fascione

Comedy and Music for Kids/Rick Huddle

Cutest Show on Earth 

EduMazement Productions/Jeff Evans and Rick Anderson

Eth-Noh-Tec with Robert Kikuchi-Yngojo

Jump Rope Champion/Rene Bibaud

Kidequip/Steve Taylor

Magical Assemblies/Xakary the Magician

Matt Baker/Comedy, Odd Skills, Positive Message

Musician & World Music Guide/Ian Dobson

Professor Ficklestein's Physics Phactory/Bill Robison

Reading and Rhyming/Graphic Novel Author & Artist Tal Renfro

Rick Hartman/School of Toy

STEAM Craft Stick Bending/Brad Griffith

School of TAIKO/Ringtaro & Asako Tateishi

The Ocean Adventure/Wayne & Karen Brown

Tune City Mobile DJs/Jason Brown

Ventriloquist Vikki_Gasko_Green

Zambini Brothers/Splendiferous Puppets& Characters

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Harriet Tubman

Karol Brown as Harriet Tubman


Brown Tones Productions
A Visit with Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman, was the most renowned conductor on the Underground Railroad, she was a leader, Civil War Veteran, Nurse, Business Woman, and Civil Rights Activist.
Her stories are empowering and inspiring to all.

Karol is the revered, spunky, 92-year old Harriet Tubman, fondly known as Aunt Harriet. James is the Caretaker of the Harriet Tubman Home where the audience travels vicariously to meet Harriet Tubman.
James captivates the audience with his smooth tenor voice singing, Negro Spirituals.

Together they bring stories and songs that will warm your heart, tickle your funny bone, stimulate your imagination, and motivate your spirit while educating your mind.


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Alex Zerbe


Alex Zerbe - The Zaniac
Science and Reading through Comedy

Seattle's Funniest Prop Comic, Alex Zerbe, also known as "The Zaniac" has performed over 1,500 school assembly programs in 42 states. He's appeared on both America's Got Talent and Last Comic Standing as well as national television in China and France. A natural born motivator and two-time Guinness World Record Holder, Alex knows how to inspire and connect with students of all ages.

Science: "Gravity Catastrophe” teaches physics through juggling. 

Reading: “Come Alive!” is an explosion of literacy, physical education, music and the arts. If you want to inspire your students to read or reward them for achieving a goal, it doesn’t get any better. 

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Amazing Assemblies
Greg Bennick

Greg Bennick is inspiring a young generation of students across the country to achieve excellence in their conduct and studies.

His Inspiring Connection show is all about bullying.  He explores the ideas of proper conduct in a way which is funny, engaging, and insightful.  He offers an unprecedented follow up process with schools which insures retention of information and putting the ideas of the show into actual use and action.

The central theme of his Soar to New Heights show, that reading is an excellent way to elevate and educate oneself, is presented through juggling metaphors, all tied into school/library dynamics and personal reading habits. 

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Chris Fascione

Literature School Programs

Bringing Literature to Life
Chris Fascione

Chris Fascione's interactive, comedic performances of children's books have been enjoyed in school assemblies and libraries nationwide for over 15 years, delighting students, teachers, principals, librarians and parents alike. 

"From the moment your program started, we knew that we had hit a home run!"
     -- PTA, Eader Elementary, Huntington Beach, CA

A professional storyteller/actor, Chris incorporates his acting, mime, juggling and comedic skills to both entertain and lead children into the world of books, promoting literacy and a love of reading.

"Chris Fascione is the most talented literature-based storyteller in America today. "
     -- Esme Raji Codell, author
How to Get Your Child to Love Reading

Rick Huddle school assemblies

Arr!  Rick Huddle

Comedy and Music for Kids
Social-Emotional Learning with Rick Huddle

“I’ve been here 31 years and this is the best assembly I think we’ve ever had!”
     -New Boston Elementary, IL

Don’t get mad, get RAD! This high-energy assembly uses games, humorous stories, and songs to teach students how to identify emotions and be better communicators. Participants will become better classmates by learning how to respond to their emotions, instead of reacting to them.

Arrr! The audience joins first mate Rick as he gets stranded on a deserted island. Rick feels sorry for himself, then with the students’ help, realizes that a positive attitude can help conquer life’s problems. Arrrr! shows kids how to work their way out of tough situations.

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Cutest Show on Earth

Cutest Show on Earth

Cutest Show on Earth

Kids dress up and become Star Performers in “The Cutest Show on Earth!” Our educational shows encourage children of all ages to exercise their imaginations while building their confidence in a 100% interactive show!

Students perform in a high energy theatrical event with professional actors.  Choose from The Circus Spectacular, Wild West Show, Farm Time Tour or Pirate Adventure.  We address themes such as bullying, fitness, safety and the importance of teamwork. 

 Each show is customizable for curriculum needs and additional workshops are available.  Continuous audience participation, “wow factor” surprises and back-to-basics fun combine to create a one of a kind experience for your assembly!

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See motivational-magicians Rick Anderson and Jeff Evans at the Washington School Assembly Showcase in Tacoma.

Rick Anderson and two volunteers having a blast at a Family Night in Puyallup.

Edumazement Productions
Jeff Evans and Rick Anderson

"So much fun, your students don't even know they're learning."

EduMazement Productions presents educational-themed assemblies for elementary schools in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. Magicians Jeff Evans and Rick Anderson have over fifty years of combined experience presenting for school audiences.

Choose from reading, science, and bully prevention programs or hold a just-for-fun Family Night Magic Show. 

All of our programs are backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  You'll be thrilled or the show is free!

Learn more about our programs, read reviews, listen to audio testimonials, and view video highlights at

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Robert Kikuchi-Yngojo

Eth-No-Tec Kinetic Story Theater

Robert Kikuchi-Yngojo
Kinetic Story Theater

Robert Kikuchi-Yngojo of Eth-Noh-Tec, nationally known storytelling theater introduces folk tales and myths from Korea, China, India, Japan, Vietnam, Philippines and so much more… are brought to life with an engaging and delightful program.

His storytelling is embellished with dramatic gestures inspired by Asian dance theater, laced with Asian musical instruments and call-response phrases that engage the students. The use of story themes, structure, character development and dramatic interpretation offer the student experiential learning and strengthens an awareness of language arts.

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Ropeworks Jumprope
Rene Bibaud

René Bibaud failed to make her elementary school’s Hot Dogs jump rope team as a 10-year old….

Today, decades later, René has: won five world championships; toured the world as a coach and featured performer for the renowned Cirque du Soleil; appeared on television, in feature films, and on thousands of stages; is a commentator for ESPN; and, created her own business with a mission of youth  motivation and fitness.

Now René shares the wonderful lessons she learned as a 10-year old that transformed defeat into determination and a passion to always give her best in her highly-acclaimed character education school assembly program.

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Steve Taylor

Steve Taylor

  • Steve Taylor
  • (888) 473-7869
  • Kidequip
    Steve Taylor


    In 2014, Steve Taylor's Kidequip enters its 26th season of bringing hilarious educational assembly programs to the students of the Pacific Northwest! Be a hero to your staff and kids by booking an assembly program that is truly educational AND entertaining.

    Through comedy magic, ventriloquism, storytelling, role-playing, music and audience participation, education-specialist Steve Taylor makes you look good by presenting award-winning assemblies on Bullying, Science, Reading-Motivation, Self-Confidence, Friendship and even Lewis & Clark.

    Ensure the success of your school year by hosting a true professional educational entertainer. Availability is limited, so call or write to book today.

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    Xakary's Magical Assemblies

    Xakary's "The Magic is Real" Show


    Magical Assemblies
    Xakary the Magician


     Xakary brings the ultimate assembly show to your school or library! It's amazing and fun educational entertainment.

    In his "Books! The Magic is Real!" show, Xakary brings traditional story favorites to life in an upbeat, energizing and interactive format. Designed to spark a passion for reading that lasts the whole year long! Highly successful on the East coast, now available for the first time in Washington and Oregon!

    Xakary also has a Family Fun Magic show, great for any occasion. He has special versions of this show for Halloween and Christmas.  Learn more at!

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    Matt Baker

    Comedy, juggling, and inspirational assembly shows


    Matt Baker
    Comedy, Odd Skills, Positive Message

    Award winning Matt Baker, entertainer, professional hackysacker and juggler, alternative sport specialist, world traveler, has been an inspirational youth speaker since the age of seventeen.  His high energy , hilarious school program will motivate your students and adults to think outside the box, dream big, and work hard.

    Matt implements his message of following your dreams through his hilarious and unusual assortment of skills. Things like juggling, hackysack, rat traps, bowling balls and heads of cabbage each show kids that anything is possible and giving up is not an option.

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    Musician & World Music Guide
    Ian Dobson

    "Ian Dobson's Pan Leggo is a fun and energetic band that can't help but make you happy!"
         -Robert Smith, National Public Radio

    In the Caribbean, "pan leggo" means "steel drum party." And a captivating steel drum party is precisely what Ian Dobson delivers at assemblies as he sings, dances, juggles, and performs on steel drums and other percussion instruments.

    Students delve into percussion playing and singing and dancing, Spanish and Caribbean language, and see at first hand amazing examples of recycling, repurposing, and resourcefullness.

    Ian’s goal is to share his passion for music, travel, culture, and language, and to instill in students, through music, an abiding desire to explore cultures different from their own.

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    Bill Robison

    Bill Robison

    Bill Robison
    Professor Ficklestein's Physics Factory

    Quirky physicist Professor Phineas T Finklestein can’t wait to show off his factory’s wacky experiments, kooky creations and goofy gadgets! During the course of the program, "The Professor" will demonstrate Newton’s Three Laws of Motion, utilizing physical comedy, mime, music, magic, hilarious sound effects with lots of audience participation.

    This presentation is an extremely effective learning tool because it uses interactive and visual concepts to teach key words in Science and Physics and will appeal to a variety of learning styles, including those of the kinesthetic, visual, auditory, and linear learners.

    Its exciting use of performance and props will help the audience integrate and anchor scientific concepts while being delivered by a children's theater performer with over 30 years of experience.


    Captain Kitty

    Tal Renfro

    Reading & Rhyming
    Graphic Novel Author & Artist Tal Renfro

    Parents and kids agree, "The Swashbuckling Adventures of Captain Kitty" is the greatest rhyming comic of all time!  Tal Renfro brings the spirit of poets Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein into the graphic novel era. 

    The author gives a dynamic reading and visual presentation from the book, as well as a positive message of hard work and encouragement to follow your dreams.  A drawing tutorial and the practical steps to creating your own comic round out this exciting adventure into the world of panels, poetry and pirates!


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    Rick Hartman The Toymaker

    Toy making workshops, assemblies, Family Nights, and more


    Rick Hartman
    School of Toy

    Rick Hartman is a teacher-turned-toymaker whose Hands-on Workshops, Giant Toy Shows, and Family Fun Nights have captured the imaginations of audiences around the Pacific Northwest for nearly two decades.


    His programs weave math, science, history, language arts and FUN into a magical mixture adored by students and embraced by educators.


    He's appeared with his toys on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," The Discovery Channel, and at the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American History. 

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    Brad Griffith

    Brad Griffith
    STEAM Craft Stick Bending

    Our focus is engaging young minds towards the S.T.E.A.M. fields. We do this by demonstrating how to bend, mold, and shape craft woods of all kinds, for the purpose of making hands on wood engineering projects.

    We teach kids of all ages without steam, boiling, chemicals or power tools our project based learning experiments and skills. We support the STEM to STEAM movement. Please find more information about our goals on our Facebook page.


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    The School of TAIKO

    Ringtaro & Asako Tateishi

    “A high energy performance that included Japanese myths, a description of the instruments and audience participation gave our students an exceptional experience. Informative and entertaining, this was indeed an amazing experience for our students.”
         Barbara McGee, Curriculum Director
         Open Window School

    Experience entertainment by world-class Taiko performer Ringtaro Tateishi.  As the artistic director of the world famous Taiko Group “ONDEKOZA”, he has performed over 1,000 times in 26 countries, including at Carnegie Hall. Ringtaro used to perform daily at EPCOT/ Walt Disney World in Florida and appears in a “Discovery Channel” commercial .

    This program features twelve Japanese musical instruments by two performers.

    Culture and Music

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    Ocean Adventure

    Ocean Adventure

    The Ocean Adventure
    Wayne & Karen Brown

    Like a field trip that comes to you!

    • 20+ years
    • 24 states
    • Over 3 million students!

    High-energy, fast-paced, multimedia S.T.E.A.M. programs that combine actual specimens, biological models, life-sized (or larger-than-life) inflatable animals, unique props, costumes, creative dramatics, storytelling techniques, high-tech SCUBA diving equipment, audience participation, and breathtaking high definition underwater photography.

    Choose from one of eight different school assemblies!

    “The Ocean Adventure is our most requested assembly and every time they come in the students love it!“
    Julie Parker, Principal, Cardiff Elementary, CA

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    Tune City Mobile DJs
    Jason Brown

    Looking for a professional, reliable, friendly DJ service that knows exactly what parents, teachers, and school administrators want? We are not only DJs, but are both elementary school teachers in the Federal Way School District!

    As DJs and teachers, we realize the importance of a fun, yet controlled atmosphere for the students at your school. Our experience as teachers gives us the skills to manage student behavior so your dance doesn't turn into a chaotic event that ruins the dance.

    We are very interactive with the kids! We conduct various games, teach the students line dances such as the Cha Cha Slide and Electric Slide.

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    Ventriloquist Extraordinaire
    Vikki Gasko Green

    Vikki Gasko Green, based out of the Pacific Northwest, has been entertaining live audiences with singing, dancing, and acting since the age of five. An award winning Ventriloquist, Vikki who is also an children's book author, delights audiences nationally as well as internationally with her unique blend of drama, magic, education, and audience participation exciting young and old alike.

    Her shows include:
    * Fun With Friendship Skills/No more Bullies
    * The Reading Pirates vs Super Griffin
    * Critterography: It's a Global Safari!
    * Hola! Have a Fiesta bilingual show
    * Be An Author!
    * Halloween Harvest
    * Winter Holiday Show


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    Zambini Brothers

    Zambini puppets


    Zambini Brothers Puppets

    Splendiferous Puppets, Characters, & Creatures

    Hailing from Vashon Island, WA, Zambini Brothers perform their splendiferously fun puppet shows, puppet workshops, and giant puppets for schools, libraries, community centers, fairs, and festivals.  Their shows are a unique mix of comedy, inventiveness, and storytelling that entertain, educate, and enthrall kids of all ages. 

    "’Stories from Junk Puppet Land’ was a terrific show with the most delightful and memorable puppets I have ever seen. “
         -Jenifer Loomis, Snoqualmie Children's Librarian

    "All age students, from K to 5th grade, were captivated by his puppets and the performance... and inspired many of them to make their own puppets."
         -Guy Fineout, Spruce St. School, Seattle

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